1) Complete the question: _____ you angry yesterday? a) WAS b) WHEN c) WERE d) WHY 2) Complete the positive answer: I ______ very angry yesterday! 😡 a) ARE b) AM c) GET d) WAS 3) Complete the negative answer: I ____ very angry yesterday 😀 a) ISN'T b) WON'T c) WASN'T d) AREN'T 4) Complete the question: _____ you buy something with your pocket money? a) DID b) DO c) DOES d) DONUTS 5) Complete the positive answer: We _____ some new games with our pocket money 🎮 a) BUYED b) BUY c) BOUGHT d) BORT 6) Complete the negative answer: We _____ buy anything with our pocket money 😥 a) DOESN'T b) DON'T c) DIDN'T d) DO 7) Complete the question: ______ you come to the class early? a) DO b) DON'T c) DOES d) DID 8) Complete the positive answer: Yes, I _____ to class 10 minutes early a) CAME b) COMES c) CAMES d) CAMED 9) Complete the negative answer: No, I _____ come early. I was five minutes late! a) DON'T b) DOESN'T c) DIDN'T d) DID 10) Complete the question: _____ your dog dig up a bone? a) DID b) DIDS c) DOES d) DO 11) Complete the positive answer: Yes, he _____ up three bones! a) DIGS b) DIG c) DUG d) DUGS 12) Complete the negative answer: No, he didn't _____ up a bone. He dug up pirate treasure! 💎💎💎 a) DUG b) DUGS c) DIG d) DIGS 13) Complete the question: What ______ she do last weekend? a) DO b) DOES c) DONE d) DID 14) Complete the positive answer: She _____ lots of homework because she has three exams next week 😭 a) DO b) DID c) DONE d) DIDN'T 15) Complete the negative answer: She _____ do anything... She was sick 🤢🤮 a) DIDN'T b) DOESN'T c) DON'T d) DID 16) Complete the question: Did you _____ that picture of Scooby Doo? a) DRAWS b) DRAW c) DRAWED d) DRAWD 17) Complete the positive answer: Yes, I _____ it this morning. Do you like it? a) DREW b) DREWED c) DRAWED d) DRAWS 18) Complete the negative answer: No, I didn't _____ it. Maybe it was Angel? a) DREW b) DRAWS c) DREWS d) DRAW 19) Complete the question: Did they _____ all the Aquarius?! a) DRANK b) DRINKS c) DRINK d) DRANKS 20) Complete the positive answer: Yes, they _____ everything! I'm so thirsty... 🥺 a) DRUNK b) DRANK c) DRINK d) DRINKS 21) Complete the negative answer: No, they didn't _____ all of it. There's one cup left! 🥤 a) DRINK b) DRANK c) DRINKS d) DRUNKS 22) Complete the question: Did your parents _____ to Madrid? a) DROVE b) DRIVE c) DRIVES d) DRIVING 23) Complete the positive answer: Yes, they _____ the whole way. It took 6 hours! a) DROVE b) DRIVED c) DROVED d) DRIVING 24) Complete the negative answer: No, they didn't _____ the whole way. They took the train. a) DRIVING b) DROVE c) DRIVES d) DRIVE

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