1) What is the purpose of the roots of a plant? (find 2) a) transport nutrients and water around the plant b) create homes for little creatures c) anchor and make the plant stable d) make the plant taller 2) What part of the plant transports water and nutrients from the roots? a) the roots b) the leaves c) the branches d) the stem 3) Nutrients are drawn through the roots from the earth, but where else do plants get nutrients? a) the stem b) roots c) soil d) leaves 4) When plants create seeds, pollen is transferred from the anther to the stigma, but what is this process known as a) germination b) pollination  c) population d) transportation 5) Which pictures show seed dispersal? )find 3) a) sycamore seeds b) dandelion seeds c) banana d) burdock seeds  6) Why would you use fertiliser on plants? a) help improve growth b) so the smell frightens away animals c) protect the roots d) make a natural habitat for insects 7) What part of a plant needs to germinate to start growth? a) the roots b) the leaves c) the stem d) the seeds 8) The ovary is found at the bottom of this structure, what structure is it? a) stigma b) stamen c) anther d) filament 9) The fliamentholds the structure up so insects brush onto the pollen, what is that part called? a) stamen b) stigma  c) ovaries d) anther 10) What is the name of the material that contains water and nutrients that the plant needs to grow? a) air b) soil c) plant pot d) potash




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