1) Kate____never_______ drums. a) have never played b) has never played c) have never play d) has never play 2) John and Mary___________ an elephant. a) haven't never see b) hasn't never seen c) have ever saw d) have never seen 3) _____he ever _________ any money? a) Have he ever found b) Has he ever find c) Has he ever found d) Has he ever faund 4) We _______ to Paris. a) hasn't ever been b) has never been c) have ever be d) have never been 5) _______ they ever_______ a lion? a) Has they ever meet b) Have they ever met c) Have they ever meet d) Has they ever met 6) My mum _________ Poznań. a) has never visited b) have never visited c) has ever visited d) has ever visit 7) Paul ________ to do his homework. a) hasn't ever forget b) haven't never forgot c) has never forgotten d) have ever forgotten 8) My parents_________a new car. a) have never buy b) has ever buy c) have never bought d) have ever bought 9) I_________ to Italy. a) has been b) have never been c) have was d) has were 10) ______you ever________ anything? a) has you ever won b) has you ever win c) have you ever won d) have you ever win 11) My mother __________  a) have ever smoked b) has never smoked c) have never smoked d) has ever smoked 12) ______ your friends _____ a pet? a) Have your friends ever had b) Has your friends never have c) Has your friends ever had d) Have your friends never have




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