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1) A leisure time activity is something _________ enjoy doing in your free time. a) which b) which you c) that d) that people 2) A determined person is someone _________ what they want and works hard. a) who knows b) who know c) that know d) is known 3) The Cross twins were sisters _________ were remarkably similar. a) who lives b) whose c) whom d) whose lives 4) An archeological site is a place ________ have found important historical objects. a) where b) where people c) that people d) where is 5) A brilliant film is one ________ think is very good a) that people b) that is c) that d) people that 6) A confident person is ____________ believes in their own ability. a) who b) who does c) someone who d) someone 7) Kobe is the city in Japan _________ karaoke probably started. a) where b) in where c) that d) in that 8) A disappointing book is one _______ expect to be better than it is. a) to b) that c) that we d) we

Relative clause quiz

by Pforster1


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