Max had 4 pumpkins and Lydia had 7 pumpkins. How many pumpkins did they have in all?, The girls had 6 slices of pizza. The boys had 8 slices. How many more pieces did the boys have than the girls?, The dog had 5 dog toys. He decided to bury 3 of them. How many toys does he have left? , Erin saved 7 dimes. The she found 3 more. How many dimes does Erin have now?, Adam ate 4 grapes. Then he ate 5 more. How many grapes did Adam eat in all?, Naomi read 6 pages of her book before lunch. She read 6 more pages after lunch. How many pages did Naomi read in all?, Howard had 8 toy cars. His aunt gave him 2 more for his birthday. How many toy cars does Howard have now?, Chris read 2 books. Annie read 4 books. How many books did they read altogether?, Destiny has 7 sweaters. Rose has 3 sweaters. How many sweaters do they have in all?, Catherine has 3 goldfish. Her aunt gave her 1 more. How many goldfish does she have now?.

Word Problems (addition and subtraction)




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