1) safeguarding is a) A security guard protecting a bank b) To promote the Welfare of children  c) Having Health and safety warning signs in the setting d)  To protect children from harm e) Safety rails f)  A cloak room attendant 2) Whistleblowing is: a) A person blowing a whistle b) Making a disclosure  in a work setting c) A term used for music time in an Early years setting d) Reporting an illegal or unethical action e) A term used for listening to birds f) Reporting wrongdoing 3) EYFS stands for a) Early Years Foundation Stage b) Early Years Family Service c) Every Young Family Support d) Each Year Feels Special 4) GDPR stands for a) Good Development and Protection  Rule b) General Data public Relations c) General Data Protection Regulation 5) Child Protection is the responsibility of : a) Manager b) Someone else c) Police d) Teacher e) Everyone f) Paretents




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