1) My sister __________ to the USA. a) didn't travel b) doesn't travel c) didn't travell 2) My friends ___________ the Colosseum. a) don't visited b) didn't visit c) didn't visited 3) I ____________ my Geography project, I was too lazy. a) don't finished b) didn't finishes c) didn't finish 4) We _____________ to the airport. a) didn't went b) don't went c) didn't go 5) My brother __________the piano yesterday, he was at hospital. a) didn't practised b) didn't practise c) doesn't practised 6) Ufff, I _________ my leg, but it hurts. a) don't broke b) didn't broke c) didn't break 7) My mum ___________ the house before 9 o'clock. a) didn't leave b) doesn't leave c) didn't left 8) Mandy and Kyle ________ in the sea. a) don't swim b) didn't swim c) didn't swam 9) Chelsea ___________ with Liverpool. a) didn't played b) didn't play c) doesn’t played 10) My dad ___________ me yesterday. a) doesn't phone b) didn't phoned c) didn't phone 11) Where is my wallet? I ________ it at home, did I? a) didn't forget b) didn't forgot c) don’t forgot 12) It ____________ rain last weekend. a) didn’t rained b) didn’t rain c) doesn’t rain

Past simple - negative sentence (Project 2 - U3)




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