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$.53 You give the clerk $.75. How much change will you get back?, 3 x 9 =, Keith likes to collect coins. Keith got 37 coins from his brother, 36 coins from his mother as well as 20 coins from Dandy. He lost 17 coins. How many coins does he have left?, , 7 x 6, , 2 x 12, Mike made 3 different stacks of wooden blocks. The first stack was 4 blocks high, the second stack was 7 blocks higher than the first, and the final stack was 4 blocks higher than the second. In total, how many blocks did Mike use for all 3 stacks?, , 7 x 9, , 3 x 12, 6 x 9, Before getting to school, Mike has a few errands to run. Mike has to walk 8 blocks to the store, and 7 blocks to the gallery, before waling the final 9 blocks to arrive at school. If Mike has already walked 11 blocks, how many more blocks must he walk before arriving at school?, , 8 x 8, A restaurant sold 9 hamburgers every day for a week. How many hamburgers were sold during the week?, , 4 x 9, Sam goes fishing with Melanie. Sam catches 6 trout. Melanie catches twice as many trout as Sam. How many trout did Melanie catch ?, , For baseball season, Jason decided to buy 29 balls, 32 pairs of shorts, as well as 38 pairs of baseball shoes. In total, how many objects did Jason buy for baseball season?, 5 x 3.




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