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Application Software - Software that enables the computer to do a particular task e.g. word processing, System software is - software responsible for the general operation of a computer system, including the operation of hardware, running application software, and file management, 3 functions of system software are - allocating memory, storage and processing time, Allocating memory is used to - organise the use of main memory between programs and data files as they are transferred to and from the hard disc, Storage describes how - the operating system manages the storage of data and files on external devices, such as a hard drive, Processing time describes how - the system software allocates time between the programs currently in use, by dividing into time slices and prioritising the tasks to be processed, Processing time is broken into - time slices and each task is allocated a number of time slices, Application software are programs designed for - an end user to to do a particular task, such as word processing or spreadsheet programs, System software includes - the operating system and all utility programs that enable the computer to operate its hardware and applications software, In software, there are 3 modes of - processing, Real-time processing - occurs immediately data is input and updating occurs before the next input occurs e.g. airline/concert booking systems, Examples of real-time processing include - airline/concert booking systems, online stock control systems and air traffic control systems, In air traffic control, real-time processing is - essential to avoid a disaster, Batch processing means collecting data - over a period of time such as a day and is processed together at a later time, such as overnight, Batch processing involves no - human involvement, Applications that use batch processing include - billing systems (electric, gas and telephone), payroll systems (weekly/monthly) and banking systems (monthly customer statements), Data is input to a computer system during off peak times - during batch processing, While the computer system is processing a batch of data - it cannot be used for anything else, Multi-user system processing is when - the operating system switches between computers, giving each one a 'time slice', A multi-user system involves - many users at different computers sharing the processor of a powerful computer, A multi-user system is also know as - a time-sharing system, Applications that use multi-user systems are - multi-user database management systems, A utility application is a program that carries out a specific task to assist - the operating system, 3 examples of utility software programs are - disc defragmentation, task scheduling and data backup and restore, Disc defragmentation - rearranges the data on a hard disc so all the data is stored together and it becomes quicker to access files, Backup is when - a second copy of a file is made and stored on a different storage device in case the original file gets lost or becomes corrupted or damaged, Full backup involves - backing up the complete data file, Incremental backup involves - backing up the data that has changed, Task scheduling - Creates and manages common tasks that the computer should do at specific times (tasks: virus scans, backups, defragmentation), Task scheduling uses - time slices,

Software 1 (CCEA GCSE Digital Technology)




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