1) 9:30 a) half past nine b) nine past half c) half past eight d) half past ten 2) 1:00 a) two o'clock b) quarter past one c) one o'clock d) ten to ten 3) 4:45 a) quarter past four b) four o'clock c) four past quarter d) quarter to five 4) 6:15 a) six o'clock b) quarter past six c) quarter to six d) six to quarter 5) 2:20 a) twenty past two b) ten half past two c) forty to three d) twenty to two 6) 5:55 a) five to five b) five past five c) five to six d) five past six 7) 7:35 a) seven past thirty-five b) thirty-five to eight c) twenty-five to seven d) twenty-five to eight 8) 4:05 a) four past five b) five past four c) four to five d) five to four 9) 5:00 a) five o'clock b) half past five c) o'clock five d) quarter five 10) 3:10 a) three past ten b) three to ten c) ten past three d) ten to three




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