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1) sound travels ten times faster through what than air a) rock b) water c) crystal 2) how many people have walked on the moon? a) 4 b) 7 c) 9 including the chimp d) 11 e) 12 3) how many hearts does an octopus have? a) 1 like everybody else b) 2 hearts for 2 lives c) 3 if i reckon d) 6 is the answer e) this is easy it's 7 4) when was the first computer made a) 1975 b) 1992 c) 1716 d) 1652 e) 1890 f) 1720 5) where is the oldest known rock a) hawaii b) south america c) africa d) canada 6) Vikings believed in several gods name two. a) thor because duh thursday is thor's day b) zeus c) loki d) athena e) mary jane 7) when is the next ice age due? a) in 1,000 years b) in 5,000 years c) in 10,000 years d) in 12,000 years e) in 15,000 years f) it'll happen when it happens 8) The Taklamakan deserts name can be translated to a) "death valley" b) "the hidden village of sand " c) "the point of no return" d) "go in and you'll never get out" 9) an earthquake made what river flow backward a) nile b) yangtze c) mississippi d) amazon 10) this is not a question i'm just wasting your time by making you hit all these. sorry!!! a) stand here b) stand here too c) or here d) or even here e) don't stand here f) but here is kool 11) what government is based of relion a) theocracy b) diplomacy c) dictatorship d) anarchy 12) approximately how many languages become almost or completely extinct a) 127 b) 372 c) 400 d) 473 e) 592 13) the world's longest war lasted a) 28 years b) 65 years c) 116 years d) 300 years 14) what is the longest cell in your body a) sickle cell b) nerve cell c) white blood cell d) red blood cell 15) your funny bone is actually a) underdeveloped tissue b) sensitive nerves 16) how do you tell when a blue-ringed octopus will attack a) it turns a shade darker b) it just attacks c) blue rings will appear d) it's a harmless lil thing




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