We are late. - Let's take a taxi., Dinner got cold. - Our guests arrived late., He hurt my feelings. - I was angry., We felt tired but healthy. - We ran two miles., We were disappointed. - It rained at the picnic., The road was slippery. - Snow was turning to ice., We enjoyed the holiday. - Grandmother made a great turkey!, I left my math book at school. - I couldn't do my homework., We had stomachaches. - We ate pizza, candy, popcorn and soda., The elephants are on parade. - The circus is coming., The baby woke up and cried. - The telephone rang loudly., I like to read before bedtime. - Reading is very relaxing., We called the police. - There was an accident down the street., Popcorn is our favorite treat. - We bought popcorn at the movies., I came home late. - Mother was very worried., He got a suntan. - He spent the day at the beach., She's not my best friend anymore. - She tells all my secrets., Fred is the new boy in our class. - I'll try to make friends with Fred., Everyone cheered. - The rocket was successfully launched., The milk spilled. - We mopped the floor.,





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