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1) When does ADHD typically start effecting you? a) As an adult b) As a elder c) as an infant d) On Friday e) As a child f) At puberty 2) What area of the brain does is most affected? a) Kermit the frog b) Frontal lobe c) Parietal lobe d) Occipital lobe e) Temporal lobe f) Funny bone 3) Why can you have ADHD if your parent's don't a) Eye color b) What pets you have c) What you eat d) Where you live e) Chance genetics f) Time of birth 4) What can makes symptoms worse a) Exercise b) Sunlight c) Food color d) Water e) Vegetables f) Carbon Fiber 5) What can help symptoms a) Sugar b) Scratchy clothes c) Pen ink d) Exercise e) Computer use f) Distractions




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