1) What's the Queen's name? a) Margaret b) Elizabeth c) Anne 2) What's Union Jack? a) the British flag b) a British hero c) a British song 3) Who lives at 10 Downing Street in London? a) the Queen b) the President c) the Prime Minister 4) What is the capital of Wales? a) Newport b) Cardiff c) Belfast 5) Who lived at Baker Street in London? a) Sherlock Holmes b) Hercules Poirot c) James Bond 6) What makes a traditional English breakfast? a) cereal with milk b) croissant with coffee c) eggs, bacon and beans 7) What's a quid? a) one pence b) one pound c) a 50 pound note 8) What does Mc stand for in Scottish surnames, e.g. McGregor?  a) father b) family c) son 9) What is Picadilly Circus? a) an expensive restaurant b) a famous square in London c) a popular shop 10) What's not red in London? a) mail boxes b) taxis c) telephone booths 11) Which country does not lie in Great Britain? a) Northern Ireland b) Wales c) Scotland 12) Who is a bobby? a) a policeman b) a student c) a teacher 13) What do the Londoners call a tube? a) a bus b) a taxi c) the underground 14) Which flag has a dragon on it? a) Scottish b) Welsh c) Irish 15) What is the symbol of England? a) daisy b) rose c) daffodil


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