Six different countries that have had sovereignty over Texas. - What do the Six Flags of Texas represent?, Stephen F. Austin and Mary Austin Holley - Two notable people in Texas history who were related, Horses, language - What Spaniards introduced to American Indians , Fort - Presidio , Organized fight against the government - Revolution, Spain - Mexico wanted to start a revolution against this country , High taxes, crop destruction, independence - 3 reasons Mexico wanted to start a revolution , Presidios - The Spanish built these to protect themselves , 300 - How many families was Moses Austin allowed to bring to Texas?, Father of Texas - Stephen F. Austin is known as the..., 1821 - The year Mexico won independence from Spain , Settlement where religion is taught - Mission , Claim more land and spread religion - The two reasons Spain built missions , Church and bell tower  - Two important buildings in all Spanish Missions , Spain, France, Mexico - The 3 different flags that have now flown over Texas,

Exploration and Early Colonization Test




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