you took my bag, didn't you? - She accused me of taking her bag., I'll bring your homework tomorrow. - He promised to bring/that he would bring my homework the next day, Get out of the room now. - He ordered us to leave the room now., The train leaves at 6. - He informed us that the train leaves at 6, Don't forget to make an appointment. - He reminded me to make an appointment. , Please, Please, help me. - He begged her to help him., You must give us a call when you get back. - She insisted on us/our giving them a call when we got back. , I won't help you. - She refused to help me. , Would you like to go out with us? - She invited me to go out with them. , If you do that again, I will punish you. - He threatened to punish me if I did that again, I didn't break the vase. - She denied breaking/having broken/ that she had broken the vase., Will the rain ever stop? - He wondered whether/if the rain would ever stop., First, turn this knob, then flick the switch. - She instructed me to first turn that knob and then flick the switch, Yes, you are right! - He agreed that I was right, What about going for a walk? - He suggested going for a walk, You should go on a diet. - He advised me to go on a diet., You mustn't touch the camera. - She forbade me to touch the camera., Don't cross the road without looking both ways. - He warned us not to cross the road without looking both ways, Would you like me to water your plants? - He offered to water my plants., Yes, it was me who broke the teapot - He admitted (to) breaking/having broken the teapot, It is a difficult situation, you see... - He explained that it was a difficult situation, I met the Queen once, you know. - She boasted that she had met the Queen once., You always leave the bathroom in a mess! - He complained to me that I always left the bathroom in a mess, You may use the fax machine whenever you want. - He permitted/allowed me to use the fax machine whenever I wanted , Give me the money! - She demanded to be given  the money., Go on, tell us what's on your mind. - They urged me to tell them what was on my mind. , I'd like you to cook dinner tonight - She wanted him to cook dinner that night., I'm sorry I spoiled the party - He apologised for spoiling/having spoiled the party. ,


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