1) Where do cows, pigs and chickens live? a) farm b) gas station c) shoe store 2) Where do you cook food? a) living room b) bathroom c) kitchen 3) Where do you go to play? a) playground b) airport c) grocery store 4) Where do you go to see movies? a) pool b) movie theater c) zoo 5) Where do you get gas for your car? a) gas station b) school c) library 6) Where do you go swimming? a) zoo b) pool c) movie theater 7) Where do you take a shower? a) kitchen b) pool c) bathroom 8) Where do you sleep? a) bedroom b) kitchen c) bathroom 9) Where do you see a lot of animals? a) zoo b) library c) gas station 10) Where can you build a sand castle? a) hospital b) kitchen c) beach




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