beautiful - you are pretty, friend - important to you, hour - 60 minutes in an..., improve - you get better..., ours - it belongs to us, said - you told, watch - you look, floor - you stand on me, grass - I grow and I am green, again - I happen over and over..., gold - a precious metal, everybody - the whole class, pass - you throw, prove - you show, school - where we learn, bath - to wash we have a, today - not yesterday, behind - not in front but, fast - you are quick, door - I close you, after - not before but, past - yesterday is the, talk - you chat, hold - I don't let go, find - I don't lose I, path - where I walk, money - in my purse I have, ask - when I have a question I, water - you are a drink,

Year Two - High Frequency Words




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