Digestion is about ____ the food we eat, so that our bodies can use the food's ____. Food is broken down in 2 ways, ____ digestion. Mechanical digestion is the ____ breaking apart of food. Chemical digestion is when chemicals called ____ break food into ____ that your body can absorb. Pathway of DigestionWhen the food you eat becomes a soft, gooey mass in your mouth, the ____ pushes it to the opening of your ____, at the back of your mouth. The esophagus squeezes (an action called peristalsis) the food down into the ____. In your stomach, food is churned and mixed with enzymes and other digestive juices, including ____ acid. Food is in your stomach for about ____. After food is broken down by the acids in your stomach, it turns into a thick liquid called ____. Chyme moves through the ____, which is actually 21 meters long. This is where most of the nutrients from food are absorbed. Fingerlike projections called villi line the inside of the small intestine. ____ on the surface of the villi absorb nutrients from chyme as it flows by. When chyme gets to the ____ it is thin and watery. The large intestine sucks most of the water out of the digested chyme, in a process called ____. Once most of the water is gone, ____ is moved to the last part of the large intestine, the ____.




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