search - If you need information for your project, ... online., log on - They've got Wi-Fi at the cafe in town, but I can never ... to the network., subscribe - How many youTube channels do you ... to?, upload - Can you show me how to ... a video to YouTube?, forward - Please ... Joe's email to me as soon as you get it., comment - Please don't ... on my status unless you have something nice to say., set up - I need to ... my account on my new computer. , rate - Can you ... my contribution to the blog? Please give it five stars!, install - Ca n you help me ... this new app on my phone?, program - in IT, we are learnong how to create and ... our own video games., update - Why don't you ... your Facebook profile? It's really old., print - I can't ... this document because we've run out of ink., paste - I'm going to ... this photo on Facebook.,




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