1) Rose has a vase with 13 flowers. She puts in some more flowers. Now she has 20 flowers. How many flowers did she put in? a) 7 b) 33 c) 13 d) 8 2) Peter counted 14 ladybugs in his garden. 6 ladybugs flew away. How many ladybugs were left in the garden? a) 20 b) 7 c) 8 d) 6 3) 9 dogs were playing in the park. Some more dogs came to the park. Then, there were 11 dogs. How many more dogs came to the park? a) 20 b) 3 c) 19 d) 2 4) 16 strawberries are in a basket for Peter and Julia. Peter eats 8 of them. How many are there for Julia to eat? a) 8 b) 24 c) 22 d) 9 5) 13 children are on the roller coaster. 3 adults are on the roller coaster. How many people are on the roller coaster? a) 10 b) 16 c) 15 d) 9

Word Problems 2 - Fluency





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