1) In the nursery rhyme, what did the cow jump over? a) The moon b) The Sun c) The spoon d) The fence 2) What sort of words are RUN, JUMP, TALK and FALL? a) nouns b) verbs c) adjectives d) adverbs 3) Who wrote Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol? a) William Shakespeare b) Lewis Carrol c) J.K. Rowling d) Charles Dickens 4) What word is a type of fish and means the bottom of a shoe? a) sole b) scampi c) cod d) hammerhead shark 5) Which is the first book of the Bible? a) The Old Testament b) Matthew c) Genesis d) The New Testament 6) Which doctor is famous for GREEN EGGS AND HAM? a) Dr. Seuss b) Dr. Who c) Dr. Zeus d) Dr. Zoo 7) What did Humpty Dumpty fall off? a) a horse b) a wagon c) a roof d) a wall 8) In the Philippines, JUAN TAMAD is a well-known character. Who is he? a) Young Tom b) Lazy John c) Timid John d) Shy Joe
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