An area of open uncultivated land - Heath, The sound caused by lightning - Thunder, a flash of bright light in the sky produced by electricity moving within or between clouds - Lightning, The end of the day, the time in the evening when the sun disappears - Sunset, The beginning of the day, the time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives - Sunrise, A woman thought to have magic powers, a magician - Witches, To choose - Decide, To see someone, to encounter a person, to join, to gather - Meet, Talking or writing the main points of a story. - Summary, A large group of soldiers - Army, A military base, where the army lives - Camp, A very big house, the official home of a king, queen, or president - Palace, Conflict, fight, a part of the war - Battle, The past tense of "think" - Thought, The past tense of "fight" - Fought, The past tense of "win" - Won, Showing courage, fearless - Brave, Person from Scotland - Scotsman, Ordinal for one - First, Ordinal for two - Second, Ordinal for three - Third, Someone that doesn't like the other person, one against the other - Enemy, A person that is in jail - Prisoner, A powerful and important man in Scotland - Thane, Having or marked by goodluck; fortunate - Lucky,


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