join problem: Joe had a box of pencils. Meg gave him 72 more pencils and now Joe has 152 pencils. How many pencils did Joe have to start?, Katie has 348 baseball cards. Mason gave her a large pack of new cards. Now Katie has 312 baseball cards. How many baseball cards did Mason give her?, separate problem: There were some cookies on a plate. Dad ate 124 of them. Now there are 61 left on the plate. How many were on the plate to start with?, Misha has 9 candies. Misha gives Kaheen a handful of candies and now she has 2 candies. How many did she give Kaheen?, part-part-whole problem: There are 87 puppies at the pet store. Some are female, and 36 are male. How many are female?, There are 69 students in the classroom and the rest of the class is in the hallway. If the class has 118 students in it, how many students are in the hallway right now?, compare problem: Suzie has 121 bugs in her collection. She has 53 more than Josie. How many bugs does Josie have?, Beth read 8 books. Bill read 3 fewer books than Beth. How many books did Bill read?,

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