1) You fell asleep in class/at work and started snoring loudly. 2) You wore two different shoes to school/work. 3) You lied about where you were last night. 4) You started an argument with your boss/teacher in the middle of a meeting/lesson. 5) You gave your password to someone you barely know. 6) You read your partner's/sibling's private messages. 7) You sold me fake concert tickets. 8) You brought your noisy kids/your noisy little brother to the business meeting/party. 9) You were eating ice cream with a fork. 10) You only use green pens to write. 11) You refused to touch a doorknob with bare hands. 12) You store food in the fridge in alphabetical order. 13) You talk to yourself in a made-up language. 14) You take pictures of your feet everywhere you go. 15) You were dancing The Floss dance in the middle of the busy street in the centre of the city.




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