1) What is the name of Mabel's friend? a) Blue Bear b) Sam   c) Lila 2) What special does Mr. Brackbill teach? a) Art b) Library c) Music 3) Which nursery rhyme talked about the boy jumping over a candlestick? a) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star b) Little Bo Peep c) Jack Be Nimble 4) What is one of our classroom rules? a) Jump up and down b) Raise your hand for permission to speak c) Read with your eyes closed 5) What is the name of my stuffed friend that came to our ABC school? a) Lizzie b) Joe c) James 6) What sport does Mrs. Upcraft's daughter Cammie play?  a) Football b) Volleyball c) Tennis 7) What is the name of the principal at our school? a) Mr. Feldman b) Mr. Smith c) Mr. Ken 8) What nursery rhyme talks about a spider? a) Itsy Bitsy Spider b) Hickory Dickory Dock c) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 9) What can we use to help us read? a) Close our eyes b) Close our book c) Super Reader Powers!  10) What special does Mrs. R teach? a) Music b) Library c) STEM 11) Who ate the Gingerbread man? a) The cow b) The fox c) The little boy 12) Which word is one of our snap words? a) dog b) cat c) the 13) What is the name of the pig in our read aloud story at the end of the day? a) Mercy b) Lizzie c) Blue Bear 14) What do you do if you can't hear anyone on Google Meet? a) Cry b) Leave the meeting and come back  c) Nothing 15) What is one way you are showing you are an active listener? a) Eyes watching b) Sleeping c) Playing with toys 16) What is the name of this math tool?  a) five frame b) box c) ten frame 17) What is the name of the nursery rhyme we read THIS WEEK? a) Jack Be Nimble b) Little Bo Peep c) Itsy Bitsy Spider





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