1) When do people celebrate Christmas Day? a) December 1st b) July 4th c) January 1st d) December 25th 2) What kind of weather do we see in winter? a) Thunderstorm b) Blizzard c) Tornado d) Tropical 3) What animal pulls Santa's sleigh? a) Guinea Pigs b) Deer c) Reindeer d) Swans 4) What is the name of the reindeer with the famous red nose? a) Blizten b) Dancer c) Rudolph d) Donna 5) What do we give and receive on Christmas? a) ornaments b) sled c) gifts d) Santa Claus 6) What is traditional to eat on Christmas day? a) Lamb b) Ham c) Chicken d) Beef 7) What do people usually put at the top of their tree? a) parrot b) elf c) star d) witch 8) What are Santa's helpers called? a) Oompa Loompas b) Elves c) Cats d) Children 9) Where does Santa live? a) South Pole b) Neverland c) North Pole d) My House 10) What are the decorations that we hang on trees called? a) bubbles b) balloons c) baseball d) ornaments 11) How does Santa get into the house? a) through a door b) through a chimney c) through a window d) through a floor 12) What word from the song "Jingle bells" is missing here? __________ on bobtails ring, making spirits bright. a) Bells b) Lights c) Smells d) deer 13) What can we decorate the house with? a) potato chips b) lights c) cookies d) music 14) Where can we go to buy gifts? a) Amazon b) farm c) Shopping mall d) denist




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