1) Whose wedding ... by people all over the world in 2010? a) was watched b) watched c) has been watched 2) When ... the painting .... by Picasso? a) did ... paint b) was ... painted c) has ... painted 3) A new supermarket ... in our town next month. a) was opened b) will be opened c) has been opened 4) Your car ... yet. a) was repaired b) repaired c) hasn't been repaired 5) The stories ... by my mum last year. a) wrote b) were written c) have been written 6) A lot of products ... in China. a) make b) made c) are made 7) The car is so clean. Who has it been washed ...? a) by b) with c) for 8) I hope the parcel ... soon. a) will deliver b) will be delivered c) was delivered




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