1) When is Thanksgiven celebrated in the USA? a) On the second Sunday of November b) On the fourth Thursday of November c) On the third Tuesday of November d) On the first Saturday of November 2) When did the Pilgrims arrive in the New World? a) In the 1500s b) In the 1600s c) In the 1700s d) In the 1800s 3) What was the name of the Pilgrim's ship? a) Sunflower b) Springflower c) Mayflower d) Blossomflower 4) Where is Plymouth located? a) Connecticut b) Massachusetts c) Rhode Island d) Vermont e) Maine 5) Which tradition is not followed on Thanksgiving a) Eating turkey b) American football c) Black Friday sales d) Apple bobbing 6) Where did the Pilgrims arrive from? a) Europe b) South America c) Africa d) Australia 7) Where is Thanksgiving celebrated? a) In Canada b) In the USA c) In Australia d) In the UK


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