PAPER 1 : a 20th/21st C. fiction extract, analysing how the writer has structured a fiction text, evaluating how the writer has created an impact in a piece of fiction, analysing how a writer has used language to create effects in fiction, writing a description based on a picture, writing the opening to a short story, making 4 clear statements about a specific subject in the text, comment on the effects of imagery like onomatopoeia, metaphor and personification, PAPER 2: a 20th/21st C. non-fiction extract , a 19th C. non-fiction extract, comparing the differences or similarities between 2 texts, comparing the writers' viewpoints across 2 texts, writing to persuade a particular audience, writing a letter, article or speech, deciding on 4 true statements about a text, commenting on the use of facts, opinions and statistics in a text,

AQA English Language: Paper 1 or Paper 2?




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