In the doghouse - In trouble for your behaviour., Feeling Blue - Sad, A fish out of water - Feel like you don't belong., Kill time - Do something to make time pass., Spill the beans - Reveal a secret., Broke - Have no money., Black and blue - Covered in bruises., Don't cry over spilt milk. - Don't be upset about the past., A stone's throw away. - Very close., Green fingers - Good at gardening., Get on like a house on fire. - To get along well with someone., The apple of your eye. - Someone you adore., The big cheese - A very important person., Pop the question - Ask someone to marry you., Bring home the bacon. - To earn money to support the family., An elephant in the room. - Something that nobody wants to talk about., Nuts - Crazy, Gets on your nerves. - Someone annoys you., Break a leg. - Good luck, Pulling your leg. - Joking with you.,




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