An ability - a skill, An attempt - to try, Faliure - a lack of success, An opportunity - a chance, Success - to achieve a desired result, To demolish - to destroy, Run-down - to be in bad condition, Former - to describe something from the past., To transform - to make something completely different, To react - to respond to something, To alter - to change a little, A feature - an important part of something that people usually notice, To reject - to turn someone or something away, Maintenance - work that is done to keep something in good condition, To admit - to say you have done something, To apply - to offer yourself for a position, An effort - the work you did to achieve something, A load - the amount of work someone/something has to put into a task, A reward - something you receive after being successful , Surprised - the feeling you have when you didn't expect something, To construct - to build something , A community - people who live within an area, Motivation - the enthusiasm you have to do something, To employ - to give someone a job, A green space - A grassy area of land, Income - a wage you receive for work you have done, Wildlife - flora or fauna in nature, To believe in something - when you think something is true, To deal with something - to take action to solve a problem, To succeed - to achieve something that you planned to do,




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